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Self-Care for Writers

This morning, I gathered some resources on self-care for writers. I’m definitely a “do as I say, not as I do” sort of person, so these resources were a good reminder to me to get up from my computer once in a while.

First, I’m including two videos. Below the videos, I’ve included links to some other resources.

The first video was my favorite. It’s a 15-minute video by T.A. Hernandez, who is not only a self-publishing author, but a mental health professional. One of my favorite bits was her reminder that our physiological needs are at the base of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for a reason. These are the things we need to survive, things like air, food, drink, shelter, clothing, warmth, sex, and sleep. We need to take care of these things before we do anything else, including writing.


This second, 20-minute video by Shaelin Bishop is a close second. Bishop is a writer who explains why self-care is so important, gives tips on putting self-care into action, and gives a refreshingly open and honest account of her own efforts to practice better self-care as a writer. I especially enjoyed her discussion of workshopping and turning your work over to beta readers.


Here are some other resources to help you practice better self-care as a writer. My favorite tip came from Hayley Eyer, a freelance content writer who often writes about freelancing. In her piece “Self-Care for Writers: The Ultimate Freelancer’s Survival Guide,” Eyers says: “[S]aying no is an act of self-care.” I got chills when I read this. I’d never looked at it this way. She goes on to explain that setting healthy boundaries for yourself is an act of empathy to those you work with too. Reading this not only gave me permission to say no, but helped me see that it is my responsibility to say no when it’s appropriate to do so.

Look After Yourself: Self Care for Writers (The Creative Penn)

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30 Unique Self Care Ideas for Writers (InkWell Spills)

10 Ways to Care for Yourself as a Writer (Well-Storied) (NOTE: Also in podcast form on the page)

50 Self-Care Ideas for Writers (Website Designer Pauline Wiles)


WRITER TIP: Eat, drink, breathe, and move. Of all the self-care tips out there, I think this is the most important. Your body is the instrument you use to transmit words from your brain to the page. Appreciate it. Feed it, hydrate it, and give it plenty of oxygen and exercise. A brain that is deprived of these things isn’t going to give you your best ideas or your most inspired language. Work in cooperation with your body and your brain in order to have a long, lasting, and enjoyable writing career and life.