One-on-one coaching to lay a solid foundation for your book, from idea, to structure, plot, and characters, to finished outline.

Like building a house, crafting a good book means first building a solid foundation. I can help you lay a foundation for your novel that will make writing the first draft of your book more productive, more satisfying, and less frustrating. We’ll work together from idea to solidifying all the crucial elements to creating a detailed roadmap for writing your book.

I love working with new writers who have a great idea for a story. I especially love teaching new writers simple craft tips to elevate their writing right out of the gate. I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping new writers avoid many of the common mistakes writers make in the early or even later drafts of their books.

Jump-starting your book isn’t about speeding things up in the short term; it’s about speeding things up in the long term because you will have put in the work to make writing the first draft of your book easier while also writing a much better first draft.

I know you want to get busy writing, and I want that for you, too. But trust me, the more pre-writing work you put into your book, the happier you are going to be with the results, and the easier the rewriting and revision process is going to be. When you work with me on planning your first draft or a revision of your book, you will come away with a roadmap that will keep you focused on the road ahead and get you where you want to go.

Planning Your Book

Coaching through the planning process involves a three-month commitment to us working together one-on-one to create and review a book plan you will turn in to me over the course of three monthly deadlines. The plan will be completed in a workbook I will provide to you. I will provide inline comments regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your story plan after each deadline. We will have an intake call before you begin the process and a half-hour coaching call after each deadline.


A Monthly Coaching Package with one deadline, one set of feedback, and one coaching call per month is $400.00 per month with a three-month commitment. Results will vary, but writers will generally come away with a completed plan by the end of three months and be ready to write their novels.

A Monthly Coaching Package with two deadlines, two sets of feedback, and two half-hour coaching calls per month is $600 per month with a three-month commitment. This is a 50% savings over the one-deadline plan and will speed up the writer’s progress, but it also means the writer must be prepared to devote more time to the process so that it is not rushed. Results will vary, but clients will generally come away with a completed plan by the end of three months and will have written the opening chapters of their novels.


Additional Services

I also offer coaching through the writing (Knock Out Your Novel) or revision (Manuscript Makeover) process.

For information on a One-Off Coaching Session or a First 50 Pages Evaluation, please visit my Services page.

If you are working on a short story, essay, or other project that is 10,000 words or less, please contact me for rates.

Additional services offered on a limited basis to my book coaching clients include development of a query package (query letter, synopsis, and first pages), an agent list, and pitch plan, as well as developmental, line editing, and copy editing.