“Leanne Phillips is an insightful, professional-grade editor who helped my client hone a smart, stylish literary thriller with resonant characters that ‘reads quick.’ I would recommend her editing services for any author who aspires to get the best out of themselves.”

John Talbot, literary agent
The Talbot Fortune Agency

“When I finally scored a literary agent, I thought the hard work was over–then came the notes that required me to scrub more than a third of my manuscript. Great notes, but it felt like I was starting all over again. Leanne was there to help me breathe new life into the next draft, jumping in with the most thorough story and character analysis I’ve ever had and a copyedit pass that put it all together. Without Leanne, I may have still finished the new draft, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as good, and it definitely wouldn’t have been ready for the market. Writing is a solitary pursuit, but you don’t have to do it all alone!”

Matt Ellis, author
Author & Photographer

“Leanne read my manuscript with a level of thoroughness, attention to detail, and objectivity which took the story to a new level. She offered clear comments on how to encourage the reader to get inside the skin of each character, quicken the plot by replacing dry informational passages with engaging dialogue, and craft smoother transitions between paragraphs and chapters. Her input significantly improved both the larger story arc as well as the individual building blocks that keep the reader wanting to turn the page. I would happily recommend her editing services to aspiring writers.”

Jim Ormond, author
Author & Documentary Filmmaker

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Leanne and receiving her brilliant editing help in MFA workshops, on the staff of The Coachella Review, and on a review I submitted to GXRL. My work is infinitely better thanks to her careful and thoughtful eye for copyediting details, and her ability to zoom out and consider the structural elements of a piece. And even though we have become dear friends, I know I can count on her to tell me the truth when something isn’t working and to give me an objective edit when I really need it.”

Jackie DesForges, author

“Leanne has a rare critical eye—both for the mechanics of the written word and for story. I particularly appreciate her eye for character development and how I can convey what I want to say better. Her suggestions always provoke you to want to write better sentences and push yourself harder. I am a better writer for knowing her. She is an invaluable resource and I could not be happier with the quality of her helpfulness.”

Anna Reagan, author

“Leanne is a talented and skillful writer and editor. I’m always grateful when I have a project she can consult on. She has helped me hone my writing while maintaining my voice. Her knowledge and insight are beneficial to any writer at every stage of the writing process.”

Trey Burnette, author
Author & Photographer

Leanne is an amazing and collaborative editing partner. Her thoughtfulness inspires you to discover new ways of looking at your prose. I worked with Leanne on a few pieces and have learned a lot from her. Her editing style focuses on line notes and developmental suggestions, but ultimately she’s determined to work with you to make the prose shine the way you aspire for it to be.”

Ioannis Argiris, author

“Leanne is your first and last stop when it comes to editing a manuscript. I’ve worked with her both as a developmental editor and as a copy editor and she is outmatched in both domains. If you’re looking to get everything from your hyphens and tenses straight, to an artful and perceptive idea for your story, you couldn’t be in better hands.”

Collin Mitchell, author
The Faithful