One-on-one coaching through the revision process—professional tools, feedback, and guidance to help you take your manuscript to the next level.

You’ve finished your first (or twelfth) draft of your book, you don’t know where to go from here, and you don’t want to waste time on a rewrite of your book that doesn’t produce the results you want. That’s where book coaching comes in. A professional book coach can evaluate where you are at, help you map out where you are going, and provide you with written feedback and encouragement as you rewrite and revise your book.

As we move through the revision process together, I will teach you how to elevate your writing so that it’s better than it was before and help you avoid common writing mistakes that can turn off agents and publishers.

Rewriting and Revising Your Book

Monthly Coaching through the Manuscript Makeover revision process involves a minimum six-month commitment to us working together one-on-one on the revision process. We will start with a 60-minute introductory call, then we’ll work through laying the foundation for the writing or revision, which generally takes two to three deadlines, sometimes a little more.

Once we’ve laid the foundation, we will work on pages you will submit to me over the course of several monthly deadlines. You will turn in up to 25 pages per deadline, I will provide inline feedback regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your pages, and we will have six 30-minute coaching calls, one after each deadline, to discuss your pages and my comments. Alternatively, you may choose twice-a-month coaching. Additional months are available if needed or desired.

PLEASE NOTE: Coaching through a full write or rewrite of a novel generally takes 12 or more deadlines.


Once-A-Month Coaching: A Monthly Coaching Package with one deadline, one set of feedback, and one 30-minute coaching call per month is $625.00 per month with a six-month commitment. Additional months are available at $625 per month. A writer may switch to twice-a-month coaching at any time.

Twice-a-Month Coaching: A Monthly Coaching Package with two deadlines, two sets of feedback, and two 30-minute coaching calls per month is $1,250 per month with a six-month commitment. This will allow the writer to achieve their goals more quickly, but this requires a bigger time commitment on the writer’s part to avoid rushing the process. Additional months are available at $1,250 per month. A writer may switch to once-a-month coaching at any time.

Additional Services:

I also offer coaching through the planning (Jump-Start Your Book) or revision (Manuscript Makeover) process.

For information on a One-Off Coaching Session or a First 50 Pages Evaluation, please visit my Services page.

If you are working on a short story, essay, or other project that is 10,000 words or less, please contact me for rates.

Additional services offered on a limited basis to my book coaching clients include development of a query package (query letter, synopsis, and first pages), an agent list, and pitch plan, as well as developmental, line editing, and copy editing.