Introducing Juliet McDaniel

Photograph of Juliet McDaniel by Dianna Gonzalez. I recently shared the news my fiction manuscript was selected as the Book Winner in Launch Pad’s 6th Annual Prose Writing Competition. But, as if that wasn’t so much more than enough, I was also picked as one of three Mentorship Prize Winners. What does that mean? It … Read More

When Is it Okay to Write for Free?

As a young writer starting out, I didn’t think about getting paid for writing. I wanted a byline, I wanted my work to be published, and I naïvely thought the money would eventually come. Seeing my work in print was payment enough. When I started writing content for websites, I accepted very low pay for … Read More

Get Yourself a Muse

Image source: Hip-Hop Wired, Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty. Sometimes I get discouraged. Sometimes I think I can’t do it. Sometimes I feel like giving up. Confession: Within the past few months, I’ve considered whether I should give up on my writing dreams and just go about living my life. Call it imposter syndrome or fatigue—whatever it is, I … Read More