Writing is a solitary process that can leave a writer discouraged, full of doubt, and unsure of how to move forward. I can help you move through the writing process by providing the professional feedback and encouragement you need as you write forward.

Writing Your Book

Monthly Coaching through the writing or rewriting process involves a three-month commitment to us working together one-on-one on pages you will submit to me over the course of three monthly deadlines. You will turn in 25 pages per deadline, I will provide inline comments regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your pages, and we will have three half-hour coaching calls, one after each deadline, to discuss your pages and my comments. Alternatively, you may choose twice-a-month coaching. Additional months are available if needed or desired.


Once-A-Month Coaching: A Monthly Coaching Package with one deadline, one set of feedback, and one coaching call per month is $300.00 per month with a three-month commitment.

Twice a Month Coaching: A Monthly Coaching Package with two deadlines, two sets of feedback, and two half-hour coaching calls per month is $450 per month with a three-month commitment.


If you are working on a short story or essay or something that is 10,000 words or less, please contact me and we will work something out for your story.

Additional Services:

I also offer Monthly Coaching through planning your novel, as well as Manuscript Evaluation services.

Additional services offered on a limited basis to my book coaching clients include development of a pitch package for querying agents and developmental, line, and copy editing.