Step 2: Write Your Book

This all-inclusive coaching package will lead to the writing of a full novel of up to 300 pages. The package consists of an intake call, completion of the Planning Your Book process outlined in Package #1 (but with a single deadline and preliminary coaching call), and twelve coaching deadlines. You will turn in 25 pages per deadline, I will provide inline comments regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your pages, and we will have twelve half-hour coaching calls, one after each deadline, to discuss your pages and my comments.

Pricing: $6,000
Rate transparency statement: I do not charge by the hour. However, in the interest of transparency regarding my rates, for most clients, this package will consist of approximately 85-90 hours of work on my part plus costs.

* Additional deadlines of up to 25 pages each with a half-hour coaching call per deadline are available at $500 per deadline.

Additional services offered on a limited basis to my book coaching clients include development of a pitch package for querying agents and developmental, line, and copy editing.

 Please contact me with questions or to get started.