I offer developmental, line, and copyediting services. These are not coached services and consist solely of written feedback, inline edits, and/or inline notes regarding your manuscript, depending on the level of editing. Please contact me with questions or to get started.

Most manuscripts will benefit from undergoing all three levels of editing, in the following order:

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is also known as substantive or structural editing. This is more in-depth than a manuscript evaluation. It consists of two passes over your manuscript, inline edits and notes, and a minimum two-page editorial letter touching on issues such as structure, plot, character development, and point of view.

Pricing starts at $.03/word

Line Editing

Line editing addresses the manuscript at the paragraph and/or sentence level and is undertaken with the understanding that all or most structural issues have been resolved. A line edit consists of two passes over your manuscript and inline edits and notes regarding issues such as paragraph structure, sentence structure, writing tics, and dialogue. Line editing may include minor developmental suggestions and/or copyediting, at the discretion of the editor, but this is not the focus of a line edit.

Pricing starts at $.04 per word


Copyediting, also known as mechanical editing, is undertaken at the sentence and/or word level and addresses issues of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. This is generally the last stage of editing to give a manuscript a professional polish. A copyedit consists of two passes over your finished and polished manuscript to catch mechanical errors.

Pricing starts at $.02 per word

Please contact me with questions or to get started.